Pastor Francis and Sharon Nelson .......The Two Behind The Who?
Born and raised in the heartland of America, Pastor Francis remains anchored in the center of the USA in the Capital City of Topeka, KS. While doing an inner city outreach ministry in the big "Windy City" of September 2001, he met the woman that he'd been praying to meet. He met this fiery Puerto Rican gal who knew no fear, and truly loved the Lord her God.  Sharon Ocasio, born and raised in the inner city of Chicago had no idea that she would someday be living out in the wild, wild west. They  married in Chicago just three short months after they had met. 
They combined their two families together and began what God had called them to do, to win souls for Christ!  After being married for only two short months, in February of 2002, they were out on the streets of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras sharing the love of God to a lost and dying world.

For the first eighteen months of their marriage, Sharon and her three daughters remained in Chicago. Pastor Francis would fly there every two weeks and stay for several days. For a while, many questioned their decision to marry. But in God's perfect timing, everything worked out just right. Pastor Francis moved his family to Topeka, and the Lord blessed them with one more. Hannah Lucile Nelson was conceived in Chicago and born in Topeka.  Combined they have eight children, God's perfect number for new beginnings. They have been doing local and national outreach ministry under the authority of Gleaner Outreach Ministries, a ministry Pastor Francis began in 1997. Together, they started Redemption Center Church in January of 2007, and it continues to grow as the Lord adds. It is located at 1017 NW Gordon St. In Topeka, KS. Stop by if you're ever passing through.

Pastor Francis came from a background of heavy drug and alcohol use. He specializes in addiction recovery for those who really have the desire to be set free! Both Pastor Francis and Sharon come from families that struggled with alcohol use. They minister Jesus Christ to everyone who will listen, especially to those who have addiction problems of any kind. Who the "Son" sets free is free indeed."

In 2010, Gleaner Outreach Ministries along with Chaplain Lonnie & Cecil Hawkins, began a  motorcycle outreach ministry called  "Second Harvest M/M". They take the gospel to bikers everywhere! Where the booze and drugs just seem to run free, that's where this ministry team will be. Check'em out on this web site.
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